2-Ingredient banana pancakes

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Kids need instant gratification. And food. They want food, like, ALL the time. So today, I am here to help your parenting woes with a seemingly insignificant recipe that could very well save your sanity in the morning. Or afternoon. Or any of those many other moments children are clamoring for satiation, even though you totally fed them just a few hours ago.

banana pancakes

I’m talkin’ about super fast, super simple, two ingredient pancakes. Healthy pancakes that will keep them full for AT LEAST another ten minutes. The base recipe is all over the internet, but I have made a few important modifications that I want to share.

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Okay, so while they are technically only two ingredients, I almost always add a couple more. But they are still super quick to whip up, especially if you are properly prepared. (I’ll put my notes after the recipe below.) Chia seeds and flax seeds are powerhouses of nutrition, packed with fiber, protein, omega-3s, magnesium, calcium, and magic! I sneak them in whenever I can (not sneak sneak, like hidden, as my girls actually like them, particularly chia seeds. I soak them in some kombucha for a homemade probiotic Mama Chia that they love!)

This quick recipe is super healthy, filling, and nutritious. And tasty! And ready in 5 minutes! And, pancakes! What kid doesn’t love pancakes?

Enjoy, and let me know if you come up with any tasty variations!

What’s your favorite quick snack or meal for your littles?


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Two-Ingredient Banana Pancakes


1 ripe banana

2 large eggs


                About 1 tablespoon flax/chia seed mixture, or a rounded teaspoon of each

                Couple drops pure vanilla extract

                Dash cinnamon

                Tiny pinch salt


Set a skillet over medium-low heat. These cook really fast and burn even faster, so keep it low.


Mash banana, combine thoroughly with eggs. Add additional optional ingredients. (See Notes below for alternative method)


Drop onto the preheated skillet, I do about 2 tablespoons for each pancake. Cook for a minute or so, then gently lift up the edge of one with a spatula. If it is turning a golden brown, you are good to flip! Cook for an additional minute or two on the other side.

I serve these as is, or with a bit of real maple syrup.


  • I keep a pint jar in the fridge with half chia seeds and half flax seeds, that way all I need to do is grab and pour. I don’t even use a measuring spoon, I just eyeball it in my palm. Try putting a tablespoon in your hand to see what it looks like first.
  • Pro-tip- Use an immersion blender! This might be my favoritest kitchen tool! I don’t even mash the banana, I just break it up into a couple big chunks, put it in the measuring cup that came with the blender, crack in the eggs, pour in the other ingredients, then whiz it with the immersion blender. Pour it into the pan straight from the measuring cup. Only one small dish to wash = winning!
  • Honestly, my children don’t seem to notice the vanilla/cinnamon/salt, they inhale them either way. But I feel better from a culinary standpoint, knowing that I am making something full of flavor instead of the bland stuff we normally expect kids to prefer. If we give their palates a chance to experience an array of interesting flavors and textures, they will grow to appreciate them. If we only ever serve chicken nuggets and plain noodles, we can’t then expect them to gush over curry or request an extra helping of sauerkraut when they reach whatever magical age we deem appropriate. (Getting off my soapbox now…)


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