A day in the life

An exercise.
Against the Wind” is playing on the stereo. I am aware that the aroma of chocolate and sticky-sugar sweetness hangs in the air, though I can no longer detect it. The instant cream of wheat I was supposed to have for breakfast rests defiantly in the trash can; the intense artificial maple smell and paste-like texture rendered it inedible.  I am hungry. A handful of dark chocolate covered almond clusters readily jump in as substitute satiation. I am still hungry, and now feel vaguely unsettled. More coffee should do the trick. It doesn’t. 9:00 A.M. and I rise to unlock the door. Why anyone would choose to purchase candy this early mystifies me, though I sit here with a bellyful of it myself. My foot taps to “Born to be Wild,” my stomach still displeased with me. In an hour, my coworker will arrive, but until then, stillness. It occurs to me that my fridge is nearly empty, save for a half empty bottle of wine and some failed blueberry jam. But who wants to go shopping on a Tuesday night, after a full day’s work? There’s always pasta, the busy cook’s faithful companion. Oh! There’s that wedge of parmesano reggiano from Trader Joe’s, maybe a hefty drizzle of olive oil, and a clove or two of garlic. There, 9:15 A.M. and dinner is settled. I didn’t bring anything for lunch though, darn. “Jessie’s Girl” comes on next, and makes me smile reflexively. We played this song at our wedding, and a bunch of the girls sang it to us, replacing Jessie with Patrick. The inexperienced videographer failed to catch it, but that’s okay. It is forever recorded in my memory. What a wonderful day that was, our wedding. Hard to believe that it was five years ago. My coworker just called in sick. Guess I’ll be here alone all day. Maybe it will be busy, help the hours pass quickly. Almost lunch time now. What to eat, what to eat. I’ll figure something out. In a few hours, I’ll be home again, only to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.  I suppose we all do though, we have to.

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  1. I think while you have some free brain time, you should think of a few fabulous recipes to share, for which I could use my exciting, shiny, new, cinnamon-red KitchenAid mixer! ~~Tizbee

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