A Melodramatic Farewell

I have begun writing this post many times, only to hang my head and lay upon the backspace key with a heavy hand. To most, this announcement may seem petty, so I will get on with it sans fanfare: I am leaving Little House Living and will no longer be a contributor. It was a difficult decision, as writing is quite important to me. It was wonderful being part of such a large community, and (hey let’s face it) getting paid to do what you love is pretty cool. However, I found myself pushing the work back and back until it was just a day or two before deadline, then scrambling and stressing and tearing my hair out trying to get it done. Combine that with the impact of my stress on my family and, well, it was not a pleasant sight. In the end, my primary duty is within my home, taking care of my home, husband and daughter.
Here is a list of my articles, both for your perusal and my future reference:

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