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Welcome to Oxridge Farm!

Old timey Family

This is our space to share what we love most: farming, family, and how it all fits together. My husband and I live in the mountains of Maine, along with our two daughters (nicknamed Babaloo, 3.5, and Squee, 17M), 28 chickens and a few thousand honeybees. 

We are working our way towards a self-sufficient, handmade life. This year, we are finally getting our family dairy cow, raising a couple heritage pigs for meat and (hopefully) future production, and attempting to grow at least 80% of own produce. 

While we certainly appreciate some modern conveniences (hellooo dishwasher and WiFi!), we are pretty obsessed with all things old-school. Whether it’s traditional methods of preservation such as fermenting, following an ancestral diet, or using time-tested natural remedies when illness strikes, we prefer living a simpler, slower life. Even our entertainment is vintage- we have a deep passion for the WWII/Post-war era. Big band music (Glenn Miller, please), black and white movies (The Big Sleep, anyone?), and The Beaver (along with Buddy and Ritchie)- we love it all! We don’t have cable television and haven’t been to the movies since 2008, but we’ve seen nearly every Hitchcock film and know all the words to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Nothing makes us happier than interacting with like-minded folks, both those that are interested in learning this lifetsyle or those who know better and can share some tips. So thank you for stopping by! We hope you will take a moment to look around, perhaps leave us a comment with what’s on your mind. Grab a cup of coffee, slather your sourdough with some grass-fed butter, and let’s chat!

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