All this for a cow


After many months of eating mostly postpartum freezer food and take-out, it feels good to be back in the kitchen. I love the organized chaos, seamlessly moving from one task to another, all of it seemingly separate but definitely connected. It is at once empowering and overwhelming. A real food kitchen is perpetually filled with puzzle pieces: yogurt culturing, sourdough rising, beans soaking, nuts dehydrating. Each of these things is its own project, and I think it is so fun to run a kitchen like this. Eating only real food made from scratch takes a lot of work, and requires you to multi-task, plan ahead, and remain organized. It is intimidating at first, but you soon get the hang of it and will find being immersed in it both maddening and deeply gratifying. Putting together the puzzle is the final reward, when you see all your hard work finally realized, each piece snugly set against another on the kitchen table.

It’s easy to wax eloquent here in cyberspace. Real life, though? Definitely not always grapes and sunshine. This season of life has been chaotic, to say the least. Last summer, my husband and I made the semi-delusional decision to sell our house. We figured it wouldn’t go anywhere, we’d take it off the market for the winter, and then pick back up in spring. WELL. The dang thing sold after one month of being listed. Sure, that should have been amazing, but we seriously thought it wouldn’t happen and were not prepared for the whole ‘hey now we have to quickly find a new house to buy or we’ll be homeless’ thing. Did I mention I was pregnant? Like, third trimester pregnant. So, I went from being very pregnant, packing like a madwoman, and chasing a toddler, to not-pregnant, packing, chasing a toddler and taking care of an infant, to unpacking a million and a half poorly organized boxes and eating postpartum freezer food whilst taking care of said children, then to unpacking and eating mostly egg sandwiches and take out (plus, you know, the kids) ((Wait, we didn’t eat the kids…you know what I mean…)). When the chickens stopped laying due to the cold weather, I finally gave in and got my behind back into the kitchen. The one underlying reason for all this? We want a dairy cow, and our last home did not have enough land. All this for a cow. Sigh.
Tipped-over tractor trailer next to my house. This image sums up life around here for the past few months.
So I suppose that means I’m back here, too. Sort of. With a nearly five-month old baby and a two-and-a-half year old toddler, I can make no promises. But by the grace of God, my two girls nap at the same time most days, and this mama needs a hobby for those times when the dishes are magically done and dinner is already in the oven.
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  1. Glad you're back – For some reason my mouse wouldn't click on this box and I had to use tab button to be able to leave a comment. your new plans for your blog sound great and everything I'm into (except childbirth – I can't do that!). Looking forward to new posts!

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