Our family's journey to the heart of a handmade life




Yesterday was one of those days that just felt right; everything about it was slow and deliberate. The light streamed through the window, laying a calm sheen over the rooms, and we were content and at peace.
As you have probably heard or witnessed, we had a bit of a snowstorm up here in the northeast Saturday night. The electricity browned out a few times, and judging by the blinking microwave and oven clocks, went out for more than that in the middle of the night. But all is well, no harm done. Just before the first flakes began to fall, the hubby and I had a little bonfire, burning some odds and ends left over from the summer. It was all far too damp to really make the fire successful, but we had a really nice time hanging out while the sun set. Not to mention the fun of poking the burny smoldering things with a big stick. Because really, who doesn’t love that.
A bit of news: I have quit my job at the candy store. Today is my last day, and just typing that sentence made my heart tingle a little. The decision is a culmination of a few different events. First, Patrick has been offered a chance to work from home sometime in the (we hope) near future. With the holiday season being the busiest time of year for a candy store, I opted to save them the hassle and leave now instead of later. (Explanation: I do not have my driver’s license, and we both work about an hour from home.) Also, we are getting chickens! Our six day-old chicks should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday (more on them in a later post). For the first few weeks, they need pretty constant care, so that’s another reason for me to be home. The last, and probably most influential reason, is that my being a full-time homemaker is something we have been working towards for many years. I believe the most important job I can have is in the home, helping us to live a happier, healthier, homemade life. Our financial situation has been somewhat tumultuous in the past, as is any young couple’s (especially those that decide to change careers and states after being married for just a year.) So basically, we have been waiting and hoping for this day, the day when all forces come together in just the right way. This day when God smiles and decides, we are ready. Ready to take this life we have made and cultivate it. To take this house we acquired and turn it into a living, breathing home.


I am now officially a homemaker. Fear, elation, apprehension, intense satisfaction? Oh yeah. But this is it, this is the way it’s supposed to be. We’ve become pretty good at adapting to new beginnings. Cheers.
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A comprehensive list of wineries in Maine. I love supporting local Maine industry and business. Not only that, but lots of these wineries offer free tours and yes, free wine tastings. Can you think of anything better to do on a warm spring day?