BJ’s Grocery Haul

Grocery hauls seem to be all the rage at the moment, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon with one of my own. It’s like going through someone else’s cart at the store, but way less creepy and intrusive. I have never been one to snoop through someone else’s medicine cabinet, and I don’t care for eavesdropping. But I will stare down your cart at the supermarket like an exhibit at the Guggenheim.
I LOVE BJ’s Wholesale Warehouse. We’ve shopped there for years, and continue to do so even after moving an hour away. It’s that good. And it’s getting even better! I found some awesome stuff there yesterday, things you may not think a place like that carries. Hence this haul post!
I’ve included my plans for the item, as I’ve seen others do that and I think it makes it more interesting.
Smoked Salmon– I have some leftover cream cheese in the fridge and couldn’t resist. Plus, my toddler loves it and it packs a ton of nutrition.
5lbs organic carrots– stir fry, juicing, raw with dressing, red bean stew
4lbs frozen Wyman’s blueberries– pancakes, stirred into yogurt, smoothies
3lbs frozen organic mixed berries– to make jam
Cabbage – spaghetti squash chow mein
Luke’s Organic Brown Rice Chips– Splurge item. My husband is gluten free at the moment and I had a coupon, so I thought I’d get him a treat.
Kosher salt– to clean my cast iron pans and for kid crafts. (We use sea salt for eating.)
Truroots Sprouted Rice and Quinoa blend– how awesome is this?! Real food is truly making a comeback.
Bota Box Malbec– mama juice.
Harvestland Kielbasa– no funny stuff like preservatives, corn syrup, etc. Haven’t tried it yet, but how bad can it be?
Avocados– because of course
Bear Naked Bars– I usually make my own snack bars, but I love having something like this around as a treat, for car trips (mine are kind of sticky), or those days when you really just need a quick something to hand to the toddler before they get hangry. Haven’t tried them yet, but the 2 ¾ year old loves them.
Land O Lakes Light Cream– not exactly my favorite, but I REALLY want to make ice cream and raw cream is like a million dollars a pint.
Organic Maple Syrup– 13.99!!! Most are double that, even for non-organic. There’s no grade listed, which is a bummer, but hey sometimes you need to take what you can get.
Organic Russet Potatoes– for fish and chips this Friday
Plantains– I was like a kid in a candy store finding these. I may have actually squealed with delight. I LOVE plantains! Thinly sliced, fried to perfection in palm shortening, and sprinkled generously with salt. My dad used to cook them that way when I was little. Add a lightly mashed avocado on the side and you are golden.
J&J Floss– hygiene, you know.
Kerrygold Dubliner cheddar cheese– to be honest, this is not my favorite it terms of flavor. But it’s the only grass fed cheese available to me, so I make it work. It’s pretty great in other stuff, just not for plain eating. It’s a bit like Gruyere.
Kale– for juicing
Izze– This was a splurge. We never buy soda or anything like that, so we get this every once in a great while. There may or may not be a bottle of Absolut Citron not pictured that is awaiting a union with one of these bad boys later tonight.
Not pictured– 2 adorable board books and a 100′ hose
There you have it! I really need to put myself on a strict grocery budget, as I simply cannot be trusted in a store with good food like this. I am a master of justification.
If you enjoyed this, let me know and I will keep it up.

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