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Celebrate everything

Celebrate everything
I’ve never been big on the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing; if something is worth doing, then just do it. Using an excuse like a new year is like blaming my recent chocolate binge on ‘that time of the month.’ The rationalization won’t prevent those Mr. Goodbars from reaching my hips, nor will it prevent me from doing it again next month.
However, I have been working on a few, shall we say, life changes in the past few months, and now seems as good a time as any to jot them down here. Seeing as we’re two weeks into January already, the New Year’s resolution boat has long since sailed anyway.
1. Wake up earlier on weekdays, so the hubby and I can enjoy coffee and a leisurely breakfast together instead of rushing out of the house at the last minute like starving crazy people.
2. Less focus on acquiring useless things, like impractical heels (I do live in Maine, now), handbags, unitasker kitchen gadgets, and Double Stuf Oreos.
3. Quit smoking. I came really close a few weeks ago, when I had a twenty-four hour stomach bug; I didn’t even want to smoke for days after that…but old habits die hard, and I fell right back. This time around, I’m focusing on triggers, like that glass of wine right after work. I’m trying to exercise instead, release stress through the treadmill instead of booze and cigarettes. Wow, I feel like I’m channeling Bridget Jones…scary.
4. Be comfortable with my house as is, taking pleasure in the small things. I’m finding that with the right mindset, a new shower curtain can be just as exciting as a new living room set or hardwood floors, with the added advantage of being MUCH cheaper.
5. Cook and eat outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been on an Anthony Bourdain kick recently, and witnessing him sample a plethora of international dishes every night has made me want to expand my own culinary boundaries. I’m currently searching for Thai and Japanese cookbooks, because I know Asian cuisine is more than just teriyaki sauce and General Gao chicken.

…Okay, so maybe I have fallen prey to the inane New Year’s resolution thing. I want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, stop spending money, be happier. Who doesn’t? But really, who ever attains these things? More specifically, who acknowledges their success? Once we reach a goal, we rejoice for a moment and then set another one that’s even higher.

That’s it! That is my New Year’s resolution:
Be happy with what I have and who I am, and celebrate everything. No excuses, no guilt, and no time like the present!
“Don’t make excuses- make good.” Kin Hubbard