In honor of today’s post over at Shutter Sisters:

For me, change brings reluctance and burning anticipation with each timid step. I am a creature of habit, and am intensely territorial within my comfort zone. But the final stage of change can sometimes be profoundly satisfying. A pleasant transition will hold a staunch place in my heart for years, emanating a strength only experience can create. Like uprooting my life and moving to Maine on a gamble: it was one of the biggest changes of my life, and, though terrifying and arduous, gave me the power to disrupt my sacred routines for a greater good (at least every once in a while).

This push from summer to autumn is not be a life-changing event, nor will it hold any special place in the Big Picture. But I think this time of year means more than New Year’s Eve, and instills in us an eagerness for change that no New Year’s resolution could touch.

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