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Down the Back, September Edition

Down the Back, September Edition
 Warning, this is a picture-heavy post. Sometimes I like to just walk around our land and snap some random pictures. It’s neat to be able to look back and see the evolution of it all, as everything changes to fit our needs and situation.



The girls love to chill and dust-bathe in this area. Sometimes I find four or five of them nestled together.


We call this one ‘the lakenvelder-y one,’ followed promptly by ‘she really needs a name…’ She is part of the 15 brown-egg layers we ordered from Meyer Hatchery, so we don’t yet know what breed she is.


I hope to eventually paint the trim on the green coop white, so the two coops match.


Our remaining golden lakenvelder; her sister was eaten by a raccoon (along with 3 or 4 other birds from the same group). She looks pretty crazy, as her scalp was ripped off at one point, either by a predator or another chicken. She holds a special place in my heart, poor thing has been through so much. 🙂


Dead thistle. Beautiful in its own way.


Our strawberry plant.


So sad. The raised beds were sorely neglected, though they still gave us a pretty good basketful of tomatoes and banana peppers.


That box is a makeshift coop that held our two practice meat birds.


That funky patch in the grass was the last location of the old chicken run. It is now full of a weird array of plants and grasses- including a tomato plant! We give the chickens tomato bits as treats, and I guess the heavily fertilized soil was just what it needed to grow!
Close-up of the aforementioned funky patch