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Enjoy the scenery

Enjoy the scenery
While on a smoke break during a particularly bad day at work, nature slapped me upside the head and told me to stop being a baby.


I walk by this simple, untended and unintentional beauty everyday, quietly stoic on the side of the road. It bends in the breeze and dances in the sun, askin’ nothin’ from nobody. Just a little rain every now and then, and a ray or two of sunlight at noon. A dry, cloudy day? Why, that’s no problem. It will sit softly, and drink a bit from the damp soil. The neighborhood bees stop by for a visit, and maybe a cup of tea. Even they don’t expect much, just some pollen and a comfortable place to rest their weary feet for a few minutes.


It’s appalling to think about what else I miss on a bad day.
Life happens. We overcome some great obstacle, and think “this is it, the worst is behind us. Now, we can settle down and really enjoy…” Enjoy what? Life! So we must endure life to live it. Run its marathon in order to take a peaceful stroll. The rollercoaster comparison is cliche, but hey, if the shoe fits…
   At times it may seem like a consolation prize, but life does occassionally throw us a bone…though small and sometimes terribly inadequate. Hey, it tries. And so do I.
This concludes todays motivational ramble.