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Five senses friday: the little things

Five senses friday: the little things
With the rush of life continuing to take its toll around here, we are beginning to find balance in the little things.

-Itty bitty red squirrels and chipmunks playing tag, scaling trees and dodging branches like true pros
-A footlong milksnake we stumbled upon while working in the yard. (At least I think it’s a milksnake…if you can spot it in the picture up there, let me know if I’m right.)

-A big bowl of ridiculously juicy strawberries with Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream at midnight
Vodka tonics with fresh lime
-Ritz crackers doused with Frank’s hot sauce
-Double Stuf Oreos with a tall glass of cold milk

-Freshly cut grass, thanks to our very own lawn mower. Now we truly feel like homeowners
-A pungent haze of manure from our neighbor’s farm

-Pride in completing my first sweater
-Extreme irritation at spending two months on an unnecessarily complicated throw blanket, only to find that the pattern was flawed

-An unidentified bird at work, who’s chirp sounds exactly like a blaster gun from Star Wars
-My first moose, which was kind of eerie and sad (FYI, my husband does a mean moose impression. I’ll loan him out to you hunters out there who might need a little help)

“God hangs the greatest weights from the smallest wires.” Francis Bacon