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Get it together

Get it together


Life has not been going exactly as planned lately. Expectations rose high, too high. Then the atmosphere thinned and dropped us like flies. But it’s okay, we’ve been here before. The husband and I have become pretty good at a quick recovery.

Thanksgiving was low-key and wonderful. I adore my family. I think I’d have a wonderful time if we just sat and stared at the floor all weekend. Okay, well maybe I don’t like them that much.

The last month has glided by (glid? glude? gliddeded?) Work’s been crazy, I came down with a stomach bug/food poisoning, then had a migraine for three days straight. The days seem to blend into each other, and I can’t focus long enough to take a breath. The next three weeks will be a whirlwind, too, but at least they’ll involve good food and family.
As for the good news, I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen!
-I discovered a new whole wheat sandwich bread that has replaced my former version. It makes three loaves instead of one and has a fluffier texture.
-In a concerted effort to eat healthier, I purchased a giant bag of almonds at BJs, then promptly realized that raw almonds have an odd, slightly unpleasant chewy texture that isn‘t really my cuppa tea. A little research and hardly any effort produced this recipe** for roasted almonds; so ridiculously simple, I will never go back to store-bought. (Well, except maybe for this, which I firmly believe is glorified crack in a can and has no substitute.)
-On a whim one weeknight, I baked up a batch of David Lebovitz’s sugar-crusted popovers. Yes, they really are as delicious as they sound. Although (not that I’m really one to criticize the former pastry chef of Chez Panisse), next time I think I would add a little more sugar to the batter, and add the coating to the tops only, as a full drenching in sugar made noshing very messy.
I want to spend more time here, bring creativity back to the forefront. I know I’ve said it before, but this time I mean it. Also, I’m currently exploring different ideas for my shop, Grace & Gusto, and hope to make it bigger and better. The new year is already heavy on my mind, with resolutions, projects and the like. Once I get it together, I’ll be posting a list of my hopes for 2011.

** A note about the roasted almonds recipe- I skipped the blanching, and used kosher or table salt instead of sea salt. Also, I found the appropriate cooking time to be more around 15-20 minutes, not 20-30. Oh, and I highly recommend using a teaspoon of pepperless adobo powder in lieue of the salt. It gives the almonds a fancy little kick.

“The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is, that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t.” Henry Ward Beecher