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Halfway in the dark

Halfway in the dark
Every couple of months, I become disillusioned by blogging/writing. It seems like the things I want to write about have already been written, my ideas have already been thought. I wonder why I bother with this when there are people far more qualified/talented/creative than I. After two years, I have only a handful of followers (and I love you guys, don’t get me wrong!) But I mean, really. Anyone who says they blog purely for the art of it is lying or in denial. This is the world wide web. We are here to be heard, to be noticed, to receive feedback in the form of comments and subscribers. If it was just writing for the sake of writing, we’d have our heads buried in a notebook. And of course there’s nothing wrong with whichever route you take. But having chosen the public road, it’s disheartening to still be halfway in the dark. 

But then I remember why I started this thing in the first place- I love to just write. As I said way back in that very first post, “..the purpose of this public display of egotism is solely for the sake of my writing. I need practice, to know how it feels to have words that I have stressed and toiled over for hours to be spattered on anonymous minds. Writing is tenuous like that; when thrown at another person, your words can tumble and tangle into an idea that looks nothing like the original intention. The wind of interpretation is gusty and inconsiderate.” There’s no contest here, no prize, no end game. Writing is simply a creative outlet, and blogging is about sharing ideas in a sympathetic community. There’s a million blogs about homesteading, even more about food and cooking. But so what? I’ve seen Gone with the Wind many times, that doesn’t make it bad or irrelevant. Most of Jane Austen’s novels are essentially the same story but with different characters; that doesn’t make me love them any less. Sometimes giving your own spin on a classic idea is what spurs innovation. 
So let this be the last of the embittered rants. Instead, I will embrace my fellow writers, and celebrate their ideas with the gusto they deserve. In addition to my Meatless Friday posts, I am hopping on the link love bandwagon. Every Sunday, I’ll be telling you about other blogs or articles that caught my interest over the past week. If you have a blog post of your own that you’d like to share, or your own link love, please send it this way in the comments below! 



Monthly/yearly menu planning over at Passionate Homemaking has me reevaluating my grocery list. It seems daunting, but she says that for just a few hours of planning each month, you can avoid unnecessary trips to the market, and wasted food from over-purchasing. Brilliant!
October Unprocessed 2011 is a fantastic event happening all over the web. Could you go a month without any processed food? If you’ve never thought about it, this is a great way to give it a shot. Trust me, once you go unprocessed, you’ll never go back. 
Orangette’s salted peanut butter cookies. I have been on a quest for the perfect PB cookie for YEARS. This just might be it, people. I have faith in Molly. 
-I don’t know how I managed to miss Joy the Baker all these years, but I am so psyched to have found her. Hilarious and delicious, her blog is totally awesome. 
-The first image in Hula Seventy’s recent post has me swooning. 
-What are doing right now? Whatever it is, it can’t be as good as these brown butter apple pie bars from Apt 2B Baking Company. Go make them, now. Seriously.