Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’m not really into New Year’s. I don’t do the whole resolution thing, I don’t watch the ball drop (I used to, before rappers and MTV/reality TV stars took over), and I don’t typically do the ‘year in review.’ But this year is different. This year was the true beginning of the rest of my life- we welcomed our first child into the world and became a family. 2012 will live as the year our home blossomed into fruition, when it finally found its rhythm.

Being pregnant and then becoming a parent is the craziest time in a couple’s life. Honestly, I keep typing out sentences to describe how it felt and nothing fits, I keep deleting everything I write. There are no words! What’s even crazier is that life goes on. The chickens lay eggs that you have to collect daily, pregnant or not. The garden will continue to grow, regardless if you’re nauseous or tired or too hot. Bread needs to be baked and excess berries must be canned. When you go into labor, those chickens will still need to be let out every morning. In the weeks leading up to baby’s arrival, I actually accomplished more than I had all year. This may seem silly, but it is a monumental realization, that the world does not stop or even slow down just because your life is changing.

This is also the year that I tumbled headfirst into the rabbit hole of homemade-ness. From lip balm, soap, and lotion to peanut butter and jam, it’s as though I had been merely peering into the hole before. Though we’ve definitely come a long way, there’s still a long road ahead. The journey to self-sufficiency is quite a windy one. (Prepare yourself, here comes the hokey bit. Hey, I’m a mom now, I have the right to be hokey!) May next year be filled with discovery, family, laughter and homemade everything! I’m looking forward to every second of it.

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