Honey bees have arrived!

We have bees!!! Three pounds of them, or approximately 10,000 bees. They are Russian, Carniolan and Italian hybrids raised in natural small cell comb. So says the husband, who is entirely in charge of these little guys. I had a hard time staying the same room with them, but stood fast to show the little ones not to be afraid. No reason for them to inherit my irrational fear of insects. I surprised myself by remaining relatively calm, though. The little buggers are actually kind of cute. 
Kind of…



My husband is considering doing a post or two on the bees, such as how to buy them, information about the hives, maintenance, etc. Maybe even some videos! Don’t worry, I’ll just keep poking him in the ribs until he agrees. 🙂




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  1. I can't get past the beauty of Abigail's profile! So darling in her little blue dress and braids! : ) I wish you the best with the bees – another step in the “living healthy” path you two have chosen – Wow! You guys are committed! Can't wait to see you all, soon…

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