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How I work

How I work
Today was one of those days. Rainy, sleepy, and lackluster, it was a day spent reading and munching. I even actually took a nap! Aside from a load or two of laundry, and the washing of a few dishes, I hardly left the comfy confines of my wing-back chair next to the front window, reading My Life in France by Julia Child. It is a marvelous book that leaves you hungry for passion, travel, and truly good food. Her attention to the details of life in Paris are stunning. I recommend the book to anyone, especially those who enjoy long, vivid descriptions of food and amusing anecdotes.
I wholly intended to make bread today. The Bread Bible is even sitting right next to me, opened to her Heart of Wheat Bread that I have been anxious to try. But alas, Julia and her Parisian escapades held me fast, and all willpower fell to the gutters with the heavy rain. Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow I will make bread and cookies and dinner that involves something other than leftovers. Tomorrow, indeed. 
An updated chicken post is quite long overdue. They are almost like real chickens now, fully feathered and gaining heft. I built a new, bigger brooder that more comfortably accommodates them, and I intend to dedicate a post to the different brooders we have gone through for the different stages of their lives. Tomorrow, tomorrow, right?
I haven’t been keeping up with this space, and it irks me. But sometimes I feel like I have given myself deadlines and essays to compose; if there’s one thing I despise, its deadlines and forced topic writing. I am a poet at heart, and we tend to write in spurts and bursts, when something hits us in just the right way at just the right time. That’s how I work, anyway. So these intended chicken posts have been overwhelming me, catching me in the throes of pure procrastination. I said a while back that I was going to start going easier on myself here, be less rigid when it comes to form and such. I think I’ll try that again. 
We are still recovering from a long weekend with my some of my husband’s family (just kidding, guys!). We had such a blast, as we always do. His family is crazy and spontaneous and silly, just how I like it. The weekend was filled with epic Pictionary, pretty darn good chili (if I do say so myself, ahem), Christmas music, Silly Putty, rapid-fire movie quoting, late nights and even later mornings. I love cooking for the people I love, and having my typically quiet home brimming with laughter and music. We are always really sad to see them go. 
This weekend will be slow and empty, with just a bit of grocery shopping and a few things to get the chicken coop ready. Mostly, we’ll probably be playing video games (Skyrim, people. EPIC.) and watching a Christmas movie or two. It will be a nice break, as we went from Thanksgiving to in-laws, and the weekend after next is a family Christmas party down in Connecticut, followed by Christmas, possibly also spent in CT. Then New Year’s. Then, 2012? Really? I may only be twenty-five, but as I get older, oh boy does the time start to fly. As a kid, the two months of summer seemed to last an eternity- now I’m wondering where entire years have gone. 
Just a quick note to smartphone users out there, who love the 1930s-1950s as much as I do: The app Tune-In Radio has a channel called Old Time Radio Christmas, which plays old Christmas radio programs, like The Jack Benny Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, and My Favorite Husband. You can also find it online at live365.com, search for Old Time Radio Christmas. I was already a huge old school radio fan, so this is so awesome to me. So anyway, if you are a crazy fuddy duddy at heart like me, I strongly suggest you give it a go. It’s great to listen to while cooking and baking (or doing a Christmas puzzle….I know, riveting, right? I’m known for embracing my inner old lady. =P )