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My first post. I am not sure whether to feel embarrassed or excited. Blogging has taken on a life of its own in this world of GPS tracking, instant messaging, and photo-uploading. Everyone knows everything about anyone who is anywhere. It has become the norm to be entirely self-involved, because hey! It’s for all of ‘them’ out there, our yearning public, the drooling fans. We update Facebook, MySpace and Twitter like it’s our duty, like we’re getting paid to do it. I think Orangette said it best in her first post, back in 2004.

All of that, and here I am. Blogging. Such a dirty word. It even looks unpleasant, like grog, belly, or mucus. Honestly, the purpose of this public display of egotism is solely for the sake of my writing. I need practice, to know how it feels to have words that I have stressed and toiled over for hours to be spattered on anonymous minds. Writing is tenuous like that; when thrown at another person, your words can tumble and tangle into an idea that looks nothing like the original intention. The wind of interpretation is gusty and inconsiderate.

For the yearning minds out in the vast world of the wide web, if you really do exist, I shall get most of the tepid but necessary facts out of the way now. Here is a list of the basics:

First and foremost, I am a very happily married woman of 23. I enjoy baking everything from drop biscuits and pizza dough to tiered cakes and artisan breads. I have been writing, mostly poetry, ever since I can remember. I still have my first poetry collection: a light purple composition notebook covered in flowers drawn with scented markers, and containing such epic masterpieces as “Whatchamacalit” and “Scary Cereal.” I am addicted to Bon Appetit magazine, Audrey Hepburn, the 1940’s, old fashioned everything, Gene Kelly, coffee, good bourbon, and books. I believe everything is better sans preservatives, aside from diet soda, Wishbone salad dressings, and the occasional Heath bar. I make dinner (mostly) every night, and (mostly) love the challenge of putting together a random assortment of leftovers and pantry staples to produce an appetizing meal (or as my father-in-law calls it, ‘Must-Go” meals). I am a total geek who loves World of Warcraft, Sims 3, and Fallout 3. And lastly, though probably most contentious, I am a staunch conservative who believes in traditional values. The only reason I feel compelled to admit this is because my political and moral beliefs mean very much to me, and I am apt to talk about them. Besides, this is my party and I’ll blog if I want to. (Also, conservatives seem to get kicked in the teeth a lot for talking about, well, anything. Though it would be just dandy if I quoted Jon Stewart or something I heard on NPR this morning…but alas, I digress.) I am not at war with anyone, and personally, I don’t care what you think or how you vote, as long as you’re not a hypocrite. As the old adage goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you’ll probably start a heated argument where no one wins and everyone dies up on their high horse. No, wait…that’s not how it goes…

As for the actual intention of this site, well…that’s, how you say, still up in the air. I think it’s wise to get over the fear and anxiety about the first post before getting ahead of myself with silly adult things like intentions.

“The public wishes itself to be managed like a woman; one must say nothing to it except what it likes to hear.” Johan Wolfgang von Goethe