Life goes on

My days are beginning to find a rhythm. Baby is up at around the same time each morning, goes to bed around the same time each night. As for naps, well, that is a different story entirely. Our darling little daughter does not like naps. She fights them furiously, whining and crying when tired, as though sleep were a punishment. She also doesn’t usually stay asleep for more than half an hour at a time. There are the occasional one hour naps, but those are a lovely respite from the norm. But I digress.

Surprisingly, I have been able to get much more done around here than I had been anticipating. Baking bread, maintaining our ‘from scratch’ kitchen, cleaning (usually), laundry, even canning. With the help of my super awesome husband, it seems life really can go on. I certainly have a new-found respect for single parents; I can’t imagine doing this on my own.
Our meals lately have been pretty standard fare- usually roast chicken with a baked sweet potato, followed the next day by some sort of soup made from the bones of said chicken. Breakfast is oatmeal, lunch is whatever can be scrounged up, like peanut butter toast, bacon and eggs, or leftovers. I experimented with almond butter, as I am trying to get store-bought peanut butter out of here (high fructose corn syrup…ick), but was quite disappointed. I left it in the food processor for what seemed like a very long time, and it still turned out grainy. I think the issue was that I used sliced almonds instead of whole, so the toasting really dried them out. No matter, though. I finally found bulk peanuts online and will be ordering those today.


On a sad note, we lost one of our chickens, Sandy. She was a Delaware, which is a fairly rare heritage breed from, ahem, Delaware. She was a good chicken, though admittedly not one of our favorites. We have (had…) two Delawares and found both of them to be the least friendly and most skittish of all our birds. Poor Sandy, though. She had been limping for a few days, though there was nothing visually wrong with her or her foot. The day before she died, I noticed she didn’t come for water when I let them out in the morning, and continued to sit by the window in the coop all day. The next morning, Patrick offered to let the chickens out (I usually do it), and found Sandy dead in the coop. I’m really glad it wasn’t me- I’m no girly-girl, but I think I would have cried. It is what happens, though. Farm animals get sick and die. I think it’s actually good that our first experience was with a chicken and not, say, a baby goat. Not that chickens mean any less than goats (I love our chickens!), but they definitely have a lower ‘awww’ factor. And hey, this means more room for additional chickens in the spring! Always the silver lining, eh? 🙂

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  1. I have 4 kids you do find time to do everything that has to get done. A question Do you eat the chickens you have? Just curious. I would have cried too if I found a dead chicken.

  2. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog, yours look right up my street. Our baby (who's now 11 months old) has never liked naps. She fights it all day, rubbing her eyes and crying when you put her down, when she goes to nursery they were shocked at how little she sleeps. The good thing is that she now sleeps through the night so I dont really mind her missing out on naps in the day (she does sleep in the car though.).

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