My new favorite beauty product

Hello! Just popping in to let you know about my new discovery.

I have struggled with oily skin most of my adult and teenage life. I was a slave to those silly over-priced blotting papers in high school, and even went so far as to saturate my face with rubbing alcohol one night when I was in seventh grade…resulting in a horribly dry, peeling, scary face the next day.

However, after the birth of my last child nearly nine (!!!) months ago, my face has done a 180, and I now have dry, rough skin that seems immune to any outside interference. I made my own scrub with equal parts sugar and olive oil, but it had no effect even after multiple uses. I used a yogurt mask (smear your face with yogurt and let it sit for 15 minutes) which is supposed to be magical due to a bunch of good stuff that do awesome things (sorry to get all technical on ya…). I used a Neutrogena Naturals facial scrub, I tried washing my face with only water for a while. I used my children’s super gentle hydrating body wash. I moisturized with sweet almond oil (my usual go-to), olive oil, homemade lotion, shea butter, and even that Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lotion that is like, the most moisturizing stuff on the planet. NADA. My face did not care, not even a little.

Enter: old raw honey as a facial cleanser.

I kid you not, I used it once. ONCE. And my face felt brand new. No more roughness, no more dull and dry skin. My face looked fresh and almost dewy (in a good way). My mineral face powder had previously been making me look slightly dragon-esque, but now it goes on nice and smooth.

Simply take about a teaspoon of crystallized honey and gently massage it into dry or slightly damp skin for a minute or two (yes, it will be a sticky mess and feel really weird). Make little circles all over your face, spending extra time on any trouble spots you might have (mine was my cheek bone area). Rinse thoroughly with warm water. I follow it up with a homemade apple cider vinegar toner and then moisturize with organic avocado oil. MAGNIFICENT.

Or, use it as a mask: spread about 2 teaspoons over a dry or slightly damp face and let sit for 15 minutes. In this case, it doesn’t necessarily need to be crystallized, but it should be raw. (Raw honey contains enzymes that will soften the skin and act as a natural antibiotic for any blemishes you may have. Always make sure to get your honey from a reputable source, as a lot of conventional, pasteurized honey is cut with high fructose corn syrup.)

So there you have it, folks. Old gritty honey as a face wash. DO IT.

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  1. My daughter recently made me a mask of ground carrots (think keratin, awesome for wrinkles) raw honey and ground steel cut Irish oatmeal. I tell you, it was better than anything I've ever tried, and it even helped my rosacea. I give the credit to the raw honey. All week long, and no rosacea breakouts!

  2. My favorite Neutrogena moisturizer recently changed it's formula (mistake!), so I've been looking for a replacement. This may be just the thing – and all natural to boot!

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