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lavender essential oil

Every Monday (I’m a bit late on this one…), I will be writing about things that have changed my health and home over the past few years. These will typically include essential oils, herbs, and natural supplements. Beginning the journey to wellness is overwhelming enough as it is, so I am breaking it down to one thing per week. (You know, so your brain doesn’t explode from information overload.) Reducing the toxic burden on your body begins in the kitchen, but your medicine cabinet is also harboring some sneaky offenders. Join us every Monday to learn how to restore your health, slowly but surely. Like a turtle. Onwards!



This is by far the most popular oil out there. It has literally dozens of applications and is one of the safest for general use, even with children. Lavender is basically a gateway oil. One sniff and next thing you know, you’re stashing bottles of frankincense in your purse and huffing peppermint fumes at the first hint of head tension. Nervous at a party? Now we’ll find you hiding in the coat closet with a bottle of clary sage at your nose. Lavender, man, some crazy stuff.

  • Relaxation. We use this every single night on our children to help them sleep. Its soothing aroma promotes a calm atmosphere as we begin our bedtime routine of songs, books, and snuggles. Babaloo (3yo) is sure to remind us if we forget to use it. I dilute it in fractionated coconut oil (about 1 tsp lavender to 2 tsp carrier oil) and pour into a roller bottle to gently apply to wrists and behind the ears. Even our 19 month old knows the drill- when she sees the tiny brown bottle, she pulls up her sleeves and extends her arm in anticipation. Sometimes I also put a few drops in the diffuser and let that work its magic while we read. Babaloo loves being able to switch it on and see the mist float up and out with its enchanting sleepificationness (that should totally be a real word.) It’s like Dorothy in the poppy field….but less scary and there’s no witch.
  • Burns. I keep a small bottle in the kitchen, as lavender can help relieve discomfort from mild burns and prevent further damage to the skin such as blisters and redness. It has saved my skin (har har) more than once, and I won’t cook without it nearby. I’ve seen it work firsthand for different people, so it really is super handy to have on hand. (Teehee…ahem.) I apply it straight (i.e. undiluted) for maximum benefit.
  • Aroma. This is pretty obvious. Lavender is my favorite oil for scenting my homemade lotion, hair pomade, and face cream. I also add some to my homemade shampoo and air deodorizer. A high-quality lavender oil should have a slightly earthy floral scent, not a headache-inducing perfumeyness (Webster, you seein’ this? I am on a roll.) Think walking through an English meadow, not stuffing your face with potpourri from grandma’s house.


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