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Number two

Top Ten Grocery Store Distractions

1. Honey (Lavender? Blue agave? Organic acacia?!)
2. The wine section
3. The exotic produce in the back corner
4. Cheeeeese (I saw a blueberry Stilton today that just screamed my name…but I was strong and walked away from the $7, 3 ounce triangle.)
5. Exotic fruit juices
6. Eyeshadow (Even though I’ve worn the same Cover Girl purple for the past, oh, ten years…I just can’t keep away.)
7. Eggs (I know, weird right?)
8. Spices (I think anyone with an inclination towards foodism would agree.)
9. Flour
10. Bacon (This is mostly due to the fact that I heavily lean towards the expensive, local, thick cut applewood smoked variety…while the Budget Fiend inside me wants the shipped-in-from-whoknowshwere, previously frozen, super bland Hannaford brand. It is less a disctraction than it is a battle of the foodie mind vs. the adult rational mind.)

“Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.” Doug Horton