Our family's journey to the heart of a handmade life

Our Vision

This began as a quick Instagram post for Boots and Hooves Homestead’s #augusthomesteading challenge. But as I entered in my THIRD paragraph, I thought it might work better as a blog post.

Watch out, I’m ’bout to get all wordy and melodramatic on you guys…


While I know exactly why we are doing this homesteading gig, I have never really sat down to consider our vision. The whys are so practical and, many times, serve mostly to justify the cost.  We want a cow because we want raw milk. We got pigs because pastured pork is expensive, and we believe we can raise it cheaper in the long run. We garden because it reduces our trips to the grocery store, is healthier, and, if we save seeds, WAY cheaper. The whys are boring and predictable.

But our vision? That’s where we get lofty, and really work out our purpose here on this earth.

Our vision is one of freedom, security, and sustainability.

Freedom from the constraints of a consumerist society, where you make money just to spend it, and the focus is on things, convenience, instant gratification, bigger, better, newer, faster. A society where you walk over others just to get the bottom line, as long as your closet is full and your car is shiny and your kids have the loudest toys.

Freedom from the idea that life revolves around a 9-5 job at some building with recirculated air and fluorescent lights and a water cooler.  We want freedom from the status quo, which involves eating food that someone else grows, wearing clothes that someone else sews, having your children taught by a stranger. What we do is considered weird, on the fringe, people can’t even imagine how we live like this. And I think that is so sad. We want to break free of those modern expectations. We want to be free to live as God intended, on His land, utilizing His creatures that were created for us.

our vision

In our vision, security means the ability to live autonomously regardless of the state of the society surrounding us. It has become a dirty word nowadays, but to be perfectly honest, homesteading is the grandest form of prepping that anyone can do. It’s more than stockpiling boxes of pasta and buckets of beans (which is still commendable!).

Homesteading is cultivating a sustainable ecosystem in your own backyard!

We are preparing for an uncertain future, yes, but we also want to be independent for the sake of independence (see freedom above). No trips to the grocery store where we are bombarded by advertisements, images of half-naked women, artificial food created in a factory halfway around the world by people paid less than one item costs us to buy. To me, grocery shopping at major chains is feeding the very monster we hold accountable for society’s health woes: big agriculture, and mega corporations like Cargill, Monsanto, and Tyson. Most grocery store food is made by just a handful of these “evil empires,” and I despise being forced to support them.

Security means knowing our children will forever have a sanctuary, a place of peace and prayer. We are forming their memories, which is in turn forming them as adults. Our land will fill their hearts with happiness, as they remember milking Georgia, seeing the baby chick hatch out of her shell, the pigs following Papa like puppies. Our children will always have access to the healthiest food we can provide, and in turn, will also have the ability to grow it themselves one day. We are giving them the foundation to a sustainable life, so perhaps one day they can give their own children a safe haven.

our vision2

Sustainability. This is the very root of our vision, as without it, the other trees cannot stand. We want a full circle farm, where everything depends on everything else, and everyone benefits. Bees, pigs, cows, ducks, chickens, a garden. They are all inextricably linked, and though they technically can stand alone, all our lives are made so much better with the connection. Sustainable living is ultimately about taking that final leap out of modern society, with its plastic and microwavable convenience and purposeless entertainment. Every dollar, every grain of wheat, every weed pulled from the garden, is seen as useful. There is hardly any waste in our ideal farm future. It can all filter around the circle, helping feed someone, house someone, build something.

There it is, friends. Lofty and wordy and honest. Our vision is grand, the work is back-breaking, but the process is our purpose and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What is your vision? Share below, or link to your Instagram if you are following the #augusthomesteading challenge!