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Ready and able

Ready and able

Oh, hi there. Remember me? I used to write here every once in a while. How are you?

It is time for this space to grow, to get a new groove. The season has arched into autumn, and I’m getting that old familiar feelingagain. Call it restlessness, maybe a touch unsettled. Whatever it is, I am at its service. I am ready to write more, create, take pretty pictures, roll up my sleeves and get busy. Who knows, maybe this new-found gusto will help me finish up a few loose ends; I seem to be quite good at starting things, some pretty good ideas, and never following through. I may even revisit this old girl, and stock her up with lip balm, soap, and lotion. I think she’d like that.
In my defense, I do have a couple hundred pounds of excuses. ‘Round these parts, vegetables are considered admissible evidence.
25 pounds of green beans, washed, trimmed, blanched, frozen


30 pounds of green peppers, washed, seeded, chopped, frozen
40 pounds of cucumbers, washed, trimmed, chopped, sliced, diced, brined, canned
100 pounds of tomatoes, washed, cored, seeded, boiled, simmered, chopped, canned, frozen

Edit: A comment below alerted me that I neglected a very important detail- this amazing bounty did not come from my own backyard. It was purchased from local Emery Farm in Wayne, Maine, where farmer Trent Emery grows all sorts of organic produce. I feel blessed to have access to these treasures at such great prices, especially considering my own garden quickly fell into disrepair. I apologize for the confusion! (Thank you, Kev!)

Add a newly-walking, constantly teething toddler to that, simmer for a few hours in end-of-summer heat, and sprinkle with a tablespoon of haven’t-slept-more-than-two-hours-at-a-time-since-2012, and you have a general taste for my life these past few weeks.  Let’s see if I can get stuff moving again. See you soon!