Remember the chickens

The chickens have arrived!!

Day One
We ordered our chickens through My Pet Chicken, whom I highly recommend. Their website is full of helpful information and has just about any chicken-related product you can think of. Feed, coops, supplies, and yes, even wall art. We decided to go through them because their ordering system was the most user friendly and descriptive. They are also one of the few sites that will ship less than 10-15 chicks at a time, and have a pretty good margin of guarantee on the sex of the chickens. (It’s not easy to tell when they are that young.) If you are even considering chickens, I highly recommend you check out My Pet Chicken first.
We settled on six chickens, two each of Buff Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Delaware. They arrived happy and healthy on November 1st. One of the Delawares had an issue that can only be described as ‘poopy butt.’ She wasn’t pasting up, but the feathers kept getting, well, messy. It’s all good now, though. They’re starting to establish a pecking order, and so are pretty squawky all day, but settle down at night. Since getting them, we’ve upgraded the brooder, changed feed, and built the coop. They have also gone from tiny cotton balls to what we call ‘dinosaur stage’. Today, though, I will just inundate you with the oh-my-gosh-squeeee of those first few days. (You can also see how fast they grow!) 
Day One


Day Four 



Day Seven


Day Twelve



If you’re interested, I also uploaded a few videos to my YouTube channel!

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