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Smash it to pieces

Ladies and gentlemen, it is March twenty-fifth, and last night it snowed. Oh New England, how your bipolar weather patterns perplex me.
There is much afloat at the moment. Opportunities and such simply dangling midair, just out of our reach.
-For one thing, there is The House; a decision on the loan should be made early next week, with a mere twenty two days until closing.
-There’s the packingpackingpacking, which can’t be done too soon as it might jinx the situation, in addition to turning our apartment into a terrifying, disorganized jungle of boxes (just the thought sends my blood pressure skyrocketing).
-As of yesterday, there is also the impending possibility of a much-deserved and semi-life-altering job promotion for the husband.
-And last, as well as least, is this whole Etsy thing. I have come to the conclusion that originality is God’s most hard-won gift. No matter how clever or unique you think an idea is, a simple Google search never fails to smash it to pieces. But there are ways, though long and arduous and discouraging they may be, thanks to our good friend Perseverance.

One thing calms me down in this tumultuous time, and that is crochet. (And bourbon, but alas, the funds do not allow for such extravagance.) The handbag thing didn’t quite work out as intended; they are something that require planning and patterns…things that do not, in fact, work in my favor. So, I’ve been playing around with different ideas trying to find The One Great Idea that I can hold as mine, all mine. Nothing has struck me as of yet, though a few things have worked their way to the surface.

Crochet and bourbon aside, there is another thing that helps tame the raw nerves of uncertainty: cooking. I miss it terribly. Lately, the most interesting meal I have had the pleasure of making is a white bean and vegetable soup, which, while being a pleasure to cook, has turned out bland and lackluster the past three times. Why I continue to make it, I do not know. (I tried to find the recipe on gourmet.com again, but it seems to have disappeared…perhaps others have noticed its shortfalls as well…)
I miss beef that is not ground, pork that is not the fifteen-pound bargain roast at BJ’s Wholesale Warehouse, and damn it, I am SICK OF BASMATI. (Pardon my French, but my goodness. I think we’ve had white rice at dinner five out of seven days a week for three months straight. I am so done.)
I want leeks and strawberries and filet mignon and croque monsieurs and fresh goat cheese and caprese and vintage port and garlic roasted asparagus and ahhhh…
Dear readers (if you’re even out there), please bear with me here. In a few short weeks, life will settle down and I will be back in the kitchen, full force. Until then, both you (as a reader) and I must be satisfied with cheap whiskey, white rice and crochet. In times like these, we must find happiness in the little things.
And to aid me in my time of disarray, I am initiating The Twenty-Two Days Project. A list everyday until we close on the house. Here goes nothing.
Number One: Little Things That Keep Me Going
1. My husband’s cologne

2. Crocheting flowers
3. Baking bread
4. Obsessively checking Facebook
5. Randomly bumping into my husband in the halls at work
6. Getting a new Swaptree book
7. Lost
8. Sporadic sunny days that hit 60 degrees
9. Breaking out the spring jackets
10. Watching my two cats have battles of epic proportions (all in good fun, of course)
11. Listening to Glenn Miller and slow dancing in the kitchen

Keep on keepin’ on, and Godspeed.

“Weep no more, nor sigh, nor groan / Sorrow calls no time that’s gone /Violets plucked the sweetest rain / Makes not fresh nor grow again.” John Fletcher