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Some like it hot

Some like it hot
Heat doesn’t really bother me; as they say, it’s the humidity that gets you. And gee whiz, the past week has certainly proved the old adage true.
There are only three things that can aid survival in these tropical climates:
1. a good, old-school action movie (a la Die Hard or Lethal Weapon)
2. as many air conditioners as logistically possible
3. ice cream. lots and lots of ice cream
You really can’t go wrong with number three. Especially when it’s drenched in fresh strawberries that have been coated with sugar and let to sit for oh, a few hours to overnight, depending on the strength of your willpower. The thin but potent sweet-tart syrup they release turns ordinary vanilla ice cream into a soft pink dream come true. Add a few heart-shaped chocolate sugar cookies and you’ve got yourself a homemade oasis.