How we eat, and why

When you jump down the rabbit hole of natural living and whole foods, it can be difficult to explain it all. Everything is interconnected, and can seem sort of crazy if you don’t understand the reason behind it. To prevent confusion, misunderstanding, and repetition throughout the site, I have compiled a thorough description of what… More How we eat, and why

Cloth Diapers

This post is the first in a little series I am doing on cloth diapers. Later, I will be writing about ‘Where to Start? Choosing Style, Price Range, Brand’ and ‘Set-up and Accessories- Detergent, Wipes, Wet bag, and Storage,’ as well as posting a few videos. If you have a baby and are interested in… More Cloth Diapers

The three R’s

It’s the beloved mantra of planet-saving do-gooders, environmentalist hippie-dippies, and now, me. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I won’t harp on the importance of such a slogan in these difficult economic times, nor will I spew talking points on how humans are destroying the earth and enabling “global warming.” The fact of the matter is that I want… More The three R’s