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The First Frost

When the temperature plummets and the heating bills rise, it is in my good opinion that a little pre-season cheer is in order. Personally, that cheer is best served cold and pretty in a martini glass, spiked with some pre-season alcohol. Said beverage should be reminiscent of a warm autumn day, while keeping an eye on the winter months ahead. Up here in Maine, with nightly lows reaching 29 degrees and the threat of snow on the horizon, it may be just the ticket. Aside from the relaxing attributes associated with a stiff drink, a well-crafted one has the power to set the mood for an entire evening, alleviating the ache of even the dreariest rainy day. Like a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day or lamb on Easter, some things just go together. Like cranberry vodka and a cold autumn night.

October Rain

2 parts cranberry vodka
1 ½ parts pomegranate juice

1 teaspoon lime juice
Cinnamon stick

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled halfway with ice, shake and pour into desired glass. Garnish with the cinnamon stick. (I use clear wine glasses. They have a similar effect to a martini glass, but are much less likely to spill. These things are important to the accident prone…)

If you use a wine glass, the cinnamon stick actually does serve a purpose other than adding a little flair. It lends subtle flavor and an enticing autumnal scent. The shape of a wine glass, with the lip angled delicately inwards, is intended to capture the bouquet of the liquid, thus aiding the ingestion experience. With each sip, you inhale the spicy aroma and trick your taste buds; it’s a known fact that taste and smell are inherently linked.

Science + booze = delicious!

“Drunkenness is nothing else but a voluntary madness.” Seneca