The queen’s gambit


I really enjoy chess. I’m not very good at it, though, as I have played maybe five games total in my lifetime. But I love the strategy, the battle mentality. Like poker, you must read your opponent. And like life, what you see is not always what you get. I also love the personality of the game: defensive, offensive, cautious, aggressive.
While playing chess the other night, my husband made an interesting comment. He said I actually make a challenging opponent, despite my obvious inexperience. My poor understanding of the game logistics and structure make me terribly difficult to predict and counter. A formidable opponent, indeed. Evidently being rather timid and clueless here is an advantage.
But I love that. It’s the way many of us go through life- scared and unsure, but too proud or stubborn to admit it or ask for help. So we stumble and swing blindly, like a child towards a piňata. Often times, though, inexperience begets the element of surprise, and so we inadvertently gain the upper hand.
Personally, this has been true for much of my life, this jumping head first, grasping at straws, a ‘don’t worry we’ll figure it out’ mentality. It’s worked well for me so far; I love where I am and who I have become. Life is left open for opportunities that a wiser, more steadfast person might pass up.

It seems knowing where you’re going is not the point. It’s about knowing where you are.

My apologies. I didn’t mean to go all ‘motivational speaker’ on you…but seeing as I have, it’s your move now. Check.

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