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This and that

This and that
Just a quick post today. I have a few things in the works that I am so excited about, number one being- we got chickens! Our day-old baby chicks arrived Tuesday afternoon, all six of them alive and well. I’m putting together a post for next week, including a video on the newly created Grace & Gusto YouTube channel! You can expect lots of chicken talk ’round these parts, and hopefully lots of videos over there. The hubby and I can’t quite believe we’re actually doing this.
Also next week, I am making my first batch of cold process soap. The idea of playing around with such a toxic and dangerous substance as lye is scary, but I know nothing will go wrong as long as I’m careful and prepared. Hopefully, I will enjoy the process and be able to make enough to sell, maybe on Etsy. It would be so rewarding to make even a little money selling something homemade, by my own hands.
I finally made it to my local orchard yesterday and bought 18 pounds of McIntosh apples for $9. I could not believe how inexpensive they were! Tomorrow morning I am going to put up a batch of this apple butter, as well as a few pints of applesauce. I also got a couple Honeycrisp apples; they seem to be a lot of people’s favorites, but I’ve never had one. Oh man, they are fantastic! Sweet, tart, crisp, juicy. Everything you could ever want in the perfect apple. I am definitely on the Honeycrisp bandwagon now. Aside from apple pie, what do you make with apples?
I’ll be back tomorrow for Meatless Friday, with Indian spiced cream of carrot and ginger soup. The perfect fall meal!