Reasons why


-You helped me dye my hair dozens of times in high school, and suffered with me through as many bad hair cuts.

-You play a killer game of Upwords.

-You taught me how to scour the internet for the best deals on everything from televisions to dish towels. I am now a researcher extraordinaire, and my bank account thanks you.

-Washington D.C, California, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland… I was more well-traveled before the age of sixteen than many people are in a lifetime.

-Your taste in old-fashioned furniture and books.

-You let me leave the house in rainbow colored M.C. Hammer pants when I was young, because it made me happy.

-You instilled in me the importance of a good imagination.

-And on those nights when life bore down like a ton of bricks, we would jump in the car and just drive, no questions asked. You understood. And I appreciated that more than you know.

I love you, mom. Happy mother’s day.

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