Introducing ms canon

Have I mentioned lately that I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER? Like, seriously. There are plenty of reasons, of course: he’s kind, intelligent, funny. But mostly, above all else, it’s because he bought me this:



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your eyes do not deceive you. I now have, in my possession, a real camera. I have finally moved up in the world, joining the ranks as a bonafide amateur photographer.



My mother-and sisters-in-law visited over the weekend, which was also marvelous. Gin and tonics, Bob Hope, llama hands, dancing, singing harmonies at the kitchen table, Pictionary at 1:00AM. Good times + new super awesome camera = a primal urge to take pictures. Lots, and lots and lots of pictures. 274, not that I’m counting.
I had intended to post more, but once they were uploaded, I realized that most of the pictures were, well, fairly useless. Mostly me just playing around, attempting to get my bearings. The subjects include, but are not limited to: my cats, the ceiling fan, my feet, a pile of shoes, and an embarassing amount of my husband. Him walking, him sitting, him playing Hangman, him dancing semi-maniacally. Not exactly blogworthy.
Good food was had this weekend, too. Pictures (new, fabulous, expensive pictures) and recipes will follow shortly.

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