Our Vision

This began as a quick Instagram post for Boots and Hooves Homestead’s #augusthomesteading challenge. But as I entered in my THIRD paragraph, I thought it might work better as a blog post. Watch out, I’m ’bout to get all wordy and melodramatic on you guys… While I know exactly why we are doing this homesteading… More Our Vision

A full life

Since mid-summer of last year, I have had a ‘this too shall pass’ mindset. I have calmed myself with the idea that while life may be crazy at the moment, things will settle down after – I have the baby/we sell the house/we buy the new house/we move/we finish unpacking/we drive all the way down… More A full life

My Green Thumb Girl

  I was using old magazines and newspapers to pack up glassware. My girl slipped a seed catalog out of the mix and settled in for a good read. The gardening bug hits early around here! 🙂  

Children are Not Dogs

This has nothing to do with homesteading or leading the simple life. It has everything to do with the inexcusable lack of decency that plagues today’s society. This is my response to America’s Funniest Videos, callous news stories, crass reality television, and inappropriate Facebook posts. I cannot keep quiet any longer. Babies and children are… More Children are Not Dogs

Life goes on

My days are beginning to find a rhythm. Baby is up at around the same time each morning, goes to bed around the same time each night. As for naps, well, that is a different story entirely. Our darling little daughter does not like naps. She fights them furiously, whining and crying when tired, as… More Life goes on

Deo Gratias

Two months ago, (very) early on a Saturday morning, we welcomed our first child into the world.   My capacity for love is greater than I ever thought possible; each day I love our baby more and more. She is teaching us a great deal about ourselves, our marriage, and our lives. We are stronger… More Deo Gratias

There you are

Sometimes life doesn’t just throw you a curveball, it totally changes the game. There you are, minding your own business, wrapped up in family and Christmas and chickens. You watch silly videos on YouTube, staying up ‘til all hours of the night. You bake cookies, take pictures, and put up endless jars of applesauce. Then… More There you are

How I work

  Today was one of those days. Rainy, sleepy, and lackluster, it was a day spent reading and munching. I even actually took a nap! Aside from a load or two of laundry, and the washing of a few dishes, I hardly left the comfy confines of my wing-back chair next to the front window, reading My… More How I work

Melt into it

November is a tender month; it’s that unstable period just before salt coats earth and boots, before it hurts to breathe outside, but just after those crisp autumn afternoons that pushed heavenly golden light through half barren tree limbs. It is a time of gratitude, plenitude, and heavily spiced comfort food. We’re about to hunker… More Melt into it