Our Vision

This began as a quick Instagram post for Boots and Hooves Homestead’s #augusthomesteading challenge. But as I entered in my THIRD paragraph, I thought it might work better as a blog post. Watch out, I’m ’bout to get all wordy and melodramatic on you guys… While I know exactly why we are doing this homesteading… More Our Vision

Cloth Diapers

This post is the first in a little series I am doing on cloth diapers. Later, I will be writing about ‘Where to Start? Choosing Style, Price Range, Brand’ and ‘Set-up and Accessories- Detergent, Wipes, Wet bag, and Storage,’ as well as posting a few videos. If you have a baby and are interested in… More Cloth Diapers

Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

  I love using fresh lemons. The bright, clean, sweet-tart aroma is intoxicating, and the flavor simply cannot compete with the bottled stuff. I always zest and juice, regardless of what I’m making, since both freeze wonderfully and have infinite uses. But that still leaves the sad-looking pithy parts. Pale and wrinkled, they sit dejectedly… More Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

The three R’s

It’s the beloved mantra of planet-saving do-gooders, environmentalist hippie-dippies, and now, me. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I won’t harp on the importance of such a slogan in these difficult economic times, nor will I spew talking points on how humans are destroying the earth and enabling “global warming.” The fact of the matter is that I want… More The three R’s